ESL Toolkit

The ESL Toolkit is a dynamic, centralized online repository of information created to support local education agencies (LEAs) with the design, staffing, implementation and evaluation of effective instructional programs for students with limited English proficiency (LEP), also known as English learners (ELs). The toolkit features:

  • Requirements and interpretations of the legal mandates governing the education of ELs
  • Instructional tools and strategies
  • Current guidance and communications from the Pennsylvania Department of Education
  • Training resources to update and support new and current staff and to build future capacity

Additionally, it serves as a disseminating agent for resources and organizations serving English language learners.

  1. Program Development and Requirements
  2. Identification, Placement, and Exit
  3. Planned Instruction
  4. Assessment
  5. Data and Program Evaluation
  6. Family Engagement and Communication
  7. Special Populations


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