Technical Assistance

English as a Second Language (ESL) technical assistance (TA) is available to Local Education Agencies (LEAs) through a Center for Schools and Communities’ ESL Technical Assistance Coordinator funded through the PA Department of Education. TA can “add value” to an LEA’s effort in identifying the problems or issues they face or making necessary changes within their schools, if they are to succeed.

TA services provided to LEAs statewide include:

  • Identifying and implementing scientifically-based language instructional programs and curricula for LEP children.
  • Assisting limited English proficient children meet Pennsylvania’s academic content and student academic achievement standards.
  • Identifying, developing and implementing measures of English proficiency.
  • Promoting parental and community participation in programs that serve limited English proficient children.

To request services from the ESL Technical Assistance Coordinator use the contact information listed below.

This position is currently vacant.

For TA support during this vacancy please contact:

Robert (Bob) Measel
ESL Bilingual Education Advisor II/Title III Director
Pennsylvania Department of Education
Phone: 717.783.6595

Eugenia Krimmel, Ed.D.
ESL/Bilingual Education Advisor
Pennsylvania Department of Education
Phone: 717.787.5482

Thomas F. Robel, M.Ed
Grants, Development & Special Projects Manager
Center for Schools and Communities
Phone: 717.763.1661  ext.120