Webinar Recordings

EL Accountability and the Future Ready Index

Participants will be able to access the Future Ready PA Index; understand how the EL indicator in the FRI is calculated; understand what the EL indicator means for their school; understand how the EL indicator fits in to the overall state accountability sustem under the state’s approved consolidated ESSA plan.


English Learner Report System (ELRS)

This recorded training is designed for administrators and ESL coordinators involved in the ESL program evaluation process in their school or school district. This recording provides the federal and state regulations that govern completion of the ESL program evaluation and reporting of Title III activities on the English Learner Reporting System (ELRS), and offers guidance for the accurate, timely, and compliant completion of this information.


Pennsylvania ESL Updates 2017-18 School Year

This webinar will discuss the major changes to Pennsylvania English language development (ELD) policies and procedures under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), as they appear in the revised Basic Education Circular for English Learners (BEC-EL). Presenters will focus on the identification process, reclassification to former EL status and monitoring, preschool inclusion in professional development, EL accountability measure, and Language Instruction Educational Program (LIEP) types. The Pennsylvania Department of Education’s planned activities to support implementation of ESSA and assist LEAs in the transition will be highlighted along with the upcoming year’s professional development schedule.


Administering the New WIDA Screener

This workshop is designed for test administrators who will be using the new WIDA Screener to identify English learners in grades 1-12. They will learn how administer the online and paper-based versions of this required screening assessment.


Provisions Related to a Parent’s Right to Refuse Specialized ELD Services and Programs

Under federal civil rights laws, parents have the right to refuse to have their child participate in any specialized, separate ESL program or service. Pennsylvania has developed policies and procedures to satisfy this federal requirement. This webinar will provide guidance to school administrative personnel on what communication needs to be provided to parents of these students. The session will also discuss LEA’s continued responsibilities toward educating their English learners.


Administering Kindergarten ACCESS for ELLs

This webinar discusses procedures, protocol and eligibility requirements for administration of the ACCESS for ELLs assessment for students in kindergarten. It also discusses the online test administrator training course required for educators administering the ACCESS for ELLs Kindergarten Assessment.